You might have seen all the big brands ask to follow their Facebook page but what are the benefits of Facebook for businesses and why Facebook is Important for Marketing?

Facebook is the platform to integrate into your business strategy to have interesting advertising spinoffs.

For a company, it is now inconceivable not to have its page. Nearly 70% of users consult it on a daily basis.

One minute out of 5 of mobile browsing is devoted to Facebook or Instagram.

Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Business

  • Facebook’s algorithm is designed like this.

It’s no longer a secret that Facebook keeps decreasing the organic reach of a page’s posts. When you post content to your page, you may reach less than 10% of your fans if that content doesn’t get engagement from them.

  • Because people shop online.

It is known that people are shopping more and more on the Web. And in times of a pandemic and on the eve of a festival, this type of shopping is increasing massively.

This is called Web-grooming.

  • It influences the users.

The more likes, comments, and shares a post gets, the more potential customers will be tempted to learn more about the product.

If so many people interact with this product or page, it must be good! This is called social proof.

Facebook advertising helps build your social proof. In short, your Facebook page is full of information recognized by consumers.

They will not hesitate to consult your brand on this social network to get the opinions of their compatriots in anticipation of a purchase.

  • Hit on the interests of your target.

As an advertiser, the strategy to be seen by your target customers is much simpler on Facebook than by traditional processes.

On the page’s audience statistics, you can draw a portrait of your fans and know the pages they like according to different themes (fashion, cooking, etc.).

It is less expensive than the traditional ads (and even Googles Ads), Conventional TV, newspaper or radio ads.

They often require a high minimum budget, which can be a barrier depending on your need or life cycle.

  • It targets Specific Goals.

Facebook’s advertising creation software allows you to select your target customers according to interests, age groups, gender, geographical region and according to other criteria to be selected.

For example, a sports shop located in Delhi NCR. It is then possible to choose women between the ages of 25 and 45 who have sports, the outdoors and fitness as their interests.

Facebook will give an approximate of all the population that matches these criteria, i.e. the potential reach.

What are the Benefits of Facebook for Businesses

1. Influence people to direct your website.

2. You can target them within the demographic (In KM).

3. You can increase your number of fans.

4. You can increase the conversions on your site.

5. You can collect the data, like emails, by giving more choices.

6. It allows you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

  • It builts the Community.

There is this notion of interactivity that allows you to interact with your community.

It allows a company to be closer to its customers and followers by responding to the comments received.

This is not possible with a television ad or a poster in the subway where people only watch the broadcast content, without being able to interact concretely.

  • It generates the statistics after the Ad Campaigns.

The Facebook Ads Manager is full of statistics about your campaigns.

It is thus possible to know the Cost Per Click (CPC), the number of people reached, which device the person uses to watch Facebook, how many times the same person has seen the publication, etc.

  • It is accessible, flexible and instantaneous.

Above all, advertising on Facebook is an accessible way to promote your business.

There are no long deadlines for approval and an advertisement can be published the same day it is conceived.

A few clicks, a strategy, creativity, talent and you’re done. You may outsource your Facebook Ad campaign from Mittal Technologies as well. They are known for it.

If an advertisement is not generating the desired results, it is possible to modify it in a few clicks or even stop it completely.

You will thus avoid burning your budget in an ineffective campaign, which conventional advertising does not allow you to do.

This is all about what are the benefits of Facebook for businesses and why Facebook is important for marketing.

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