Some professionals predict the imminent death of email marketing, due to the growth in the use of social networks. But still why email marketing is still so important?

However, people who share this opinion forget that the success of any emailing campaign lies in its relevant content and adapted to the needs of the recipients.

Plus, inserting a few calls to action helps motivate readers to go further and generates more conversions.

Email Marketing is Profitable

In digital marketing, companies will always need to put in place strategies that allow them to achieve their general objectives.

In digital marketing, companies will always need to put in place strategies that allow them to achieve their general objectives.

Emailing is one of the most profitable of them to date, as it allows you to reach and involve the target audience.

Emailing incurs very little cost compared to traditional marketing tactics, including TV ads and street displays.

However, some costs are to be expected depending on the internal resources of the companies.

These can use email marketing automation services or even call on an external service provider to create the content of the email.

Emailing Allow You to Reach More Customers

The number of consumers using mobile devices continues to grow. Last year, that number topped five billion, according to Statistics.

In this sense, mobile marketing is an important lever for emailing and companies must find ways to better interact with mobile consumers while remaining competitive in the digital market.

While two-thirds of emails are read on smartphones and tablets, emailing is proving to be an effective technique for businesses to reach more consumers.

Creating responsively designed email content will allow the company to ensure the effectiveness of its email messages for mobile consumers.

Emails with visual elements are viewed more by subscribers. Thus, any images or videos you use in emailing should be small in size, so that they can be quickly loaded and viewed on a mobile device.

Make sure that the textual content of your emails is pleasant to read, precise and concise.

Also make sure that the links in the emails are clickable, referring to responsive design pages.

You Can Easily Measure Your Emailing Efforts

Analyzing and measuring results is the only way to know if a web marketing strategy is working for your business.

Indeed, measuring the performance of an email campaign is easy to track and quantify over time.

This results analysis will allow your company to detect the users who opened your e-mails, those who clicked on a link and those who carried out the desired action (purchase, registration etc.).

You can also find out how many people have unsubscribed from your newsletter. This information becomes valuable when analysing your marketing strategy and allows you to make the necessary adjustments.

Tests are carried out on emailing software and allow you to know which elements of your email messages give the best results.

As an indication, you can test the different subjects of your emails to find out which ones have higher opening rates.

You also have the possibility to test the different offers in order to detect which ones will have the highest number of conversions. Mittal Technologies offers an email marketing service too.

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